Prayer to Almighty Yaohu


O, YAOHU UL, who dwells in “shualmayao” (celestial height), I now believe that you are the real maker of all, MY CREATOR.

I believe that you are the true Holy One of Israel, no one else; You are the UL of Abraham, Isaac and Yaocaf(Jacob).

I acknowledge that I have sinned against you, and I do now forgive all those who have offended me in the past; I truly repent before you,

Please forgive me of all my sins and cleanse me now by the blood of MALKHIUL YAOHUSHUA MEHUSHKHAY (Lord Jesus Christ). Who I believe, died in my behalf, as my personal substitute;

I now make YAOHUSHUA MEHUSHKHAY (Jesus Christ) as my only personal “Odmorul” (Ruler) and “Ma-oo-shua-yao” (Saviour).

I believe that He died to pay for all my sins, was buried, became alive again, went to be with YAOHU UL (the Almighty God) and will soon return to rule as the King of Kings.

It is written: Everyone who calls upon the name of YAOHU UL shall be saved.” and I believe in the resurrection of the righteous to eternal rewards, and the damnation of the wicked to eternal perdition.

Please give me now the RUKHA YAOHUSHUA (Spirit of Jesus) to indwell me as Your Newly-Born Child in your Eternal Kingdom of rightsousness and holiness.

I believe that I now receive Him into my heart, as my Ruler, as I do also believe that I now receive your mercy, forgiveness and cleansing.

I praise, glorify, worship and thank you for the wonderful salvation.

I pray all these “al shuam” (in the name of) MALKHIUL YAOHUSHUA MEHUSHKHAY (The Lord Jesus Christ). Amen.!

Courtesy of:

Apostolic & Catholic Church of the East

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