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In a interview on Dr. Michael Salla’s YouTube channel; JP, a US army soldier, unveils his extraordinary experiences with space arks and the profound impact of past life memories.

JP takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the cutting-edge technology employed to identify potential crew members for the space arks. This innovative approach involves tracking past life memories, harnessing the power of deep trance states to extract valuable fragments of information. As JP reminisces about his encounter, he vividly describes being transported to a magnificent planet, where he encountered someone familiar, clothed in pure white.

Delving deeper into extraterrestrial capabilities, JP shares intriguing insights into communication among advanced alien races. These beings utilize a remarkable method, immersing themselves in boxes to access their past life memories. In this dimension, time loses its linear nature, and events unfold simultaneously across various dimensions. JP recounts a past life memory where he witnessed a partially submerged city and the enigmatic Elena Danaan – a french extraterrestrial contactee.

The awe-inspiring power of past life memories becomes even more apparent as JP describes a remarkable connection he made with Elena Danaan. Through shared recollections of a planet with an emerging city, their paths intertwined, bridging the gaps of time and space. In a heartwarming revelation, JP recalls seeing Elena with brown hair in a vision, a memory she too held. This powerful encounter emphasizes how this technology has the potential to heal and unite individuals across lifetimes.

In JP’s recollections, we catch a glimpse of a distant planet and a group of potential space ark crew members. Entrusted with a device by a Nordic-looking being, they placed it in a box, ensuring its safe transport. A surge of familiarity washed over JP as he recognized the significance of the device, triggering memories from a previous existence on that very planet.

JP ‘s enthralling experiences with space arks, past life memories, and the profound connection with Elena Danaan present us with a glimmer of hope. Through advanced technologies that transcend time and space, we witness the remarkable ability of humanity to explore our cosmic heritage. As more individuals discover their shared pasts and interconnectedness, a new era of healing and unity beckons. Join us on this extraordinary journey by watching the full interview on Dr. Michael Salla’s YouTube channel, titled “Tracking Past Life Memories to Find Space Ark Crews.” Embrace the boundless possibilities that await us in the vast expanse of the universe.

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