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In a world where traditional medicine is not always the answer to our health problems, people are turning to alternative medical technologies to improve their wellbeing. In this video, Sean Callahan, a well-known alternative medicine practitioner, discussed some of the alternative medical technologies available to the average person, including plasma energy devices, terahertz wands, and far-infrared technologies.

Callahan emphasizes the importance of people doing their own research and making their own decisions when it comes to their health. However, he also highlights the significance of letting people know that there are things out there that can help increase health and wellness through energy and frequency-based technology. The potential benefits of using these technologies are vast, and they can assist the body in achieving homeostasis.

One of the alternative medical technologies that Callahan discusses is plasma energy systems. According to Callahan, plasma energy systems can address specific health issues, reduce blood viscosity, and build the aura’s plasma energy field, which reduces the risk of plasma parasites. He introduces an app available on the iTunes store that allows users to determine the frequency and duration of the plasma energy sessions. The app can also measure heart-brain coherence and life force in plants.

Callahan uses the app for Full Chakra Cascade technology, which builds the aura and protects the body from plasma parasites, among other benefits. He also talks about an application for children that allows them to see without their eyes. Children can look down on the plasma energy tornado within their head, which can be a fascinating and empowering experience for them.

It is important to note that intention plays a significant role in the outcome someone will receive from using these technologies. Callahan emphasizes that positive intention is key to achieving good results. When used with the right intention, these alternative medical technologies can assist the body in achieving optimal health and wellness.

In conclusion, alternative medical technologies can be a viable option for people looking to improve their health and wellbeing. The potential benefits are vast, and the use of energy and frequency-based technology can assist the body in achieving homeostasis. However, it is important to do your research and make informed decisions about which alternative medical technologies are right for you. With the right intention, these technologies can be a valuable tool in achieving optimal health and wellness.

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