Super Soldier Talk – Sean Callahan – Alternative Medical Technology – 230410

In a world where traditional medicine is not always the answer to our health problems, people are turning to alternative medical technologies to improve their wellbeing. In this video, Sean Callahan, a well-known alternative medicine practitioner, discussed some of the alternative medical technologies available to the average person, including plasma energy devices, terahertz wands, and… » Read more

Elana Danaan – Dan Winter Explains the Science Behind Enki’s Technology – 230424

In the fascinating YouTube video, physicist and researcher Dan Winter delves into the science behind Enki’s technology. Winter stresses the importance of understanding the physics behind Enki’s technology, which includes binaural Bliss audio brainwave stimulation, Schumann pumping of pyramids for Global Wireless power, and brainwave implosion for Bliss. Quartz is one of the properties that… » Read more

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