A Journey to the Other Dimension: Auntie’s New Life

A Journey to the Other Dimension: Auntie's New Life

When I was just a kid, my Aunt passed away mysteriously. There were no signs of physical illness, and her departure left a lingering sense of unease in our family. But then, a strange and wondrous rumor began to circulate.

According to my Aunt’s friend, she had seen my departed Aunt, having a new life, living with a doctor husband and two children in a mysterious place. This place was said to be located in a different dimension, a place of wonder and enchantment. The friend had been given a tour by my Aunt, but had been warned not to eat any brown rice that was offered to her.

Legend had it that those who ate the brown rice would be forever trapped in that mystical realm, unable to return to our world. Thankfully, my Aunt’s friend was able to resist the temptation and returned home safely to tell her tale.

My auntie departed from this world, leaving behind her husband and only son. There is a rumor that the husband’s vast property contains a river that is believed to be enchanted. Later, my Aunt’s son moved back to the province and started living with another woman and her children, neglecting his first family.

It was then that my cousin had a strange dream. He saw his mother, my departed Aunt, who asked him to return to his first family and promised to give him something of great value. He asked, “What does she mean?” Our relative replied, “Maybe gold for you to start a new life with your family.”  But he ignored the message and continued to live an ordinary life.

It wasn’t until my cousin developed a cyst in his neck that the mystery deepened. While on vacation in our native town, he stayed in our grandmother’s sister’s house and had a dream in which his mother visited him again. This time, she told him he would undergo an operation.

While in a dream state, he heard a car pull up and footsteps coming up the stairs to his bedroom. He felt someone operating on him for a brief moment. When he woke up, he checked his cyst and found that it was gone.

As he shared his experience with his companions, they revealed that they also heard the sound of a car and footsteps approaching his room that same night.

Later on, it was revealed that my departed Auntie had a new family and was now living in a different dimension, somewhere within an enchanted mountain surrounded by the sea in front of our native town. Her home can be recognized at night by its bright lights, resembling a city full of sparkling wonders.

As the story of my Aunt’s departure unfolded, it revealed a magical and wondrous world beyond our own. The mystery of her new life in a different dimension, surrounded by the sea and illuminated by sparkling lights at night, left us in awe and longing to unravel more of the universe’s secrets. As we gazed up at the stars, we couldn’t help but wonder what other enchanting mysteries lay hidden in the vast expanse of the cosmos, waiting to be discovered.

– Ella

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