Elana Danaan – Dan Winter Explains the Science Behind Enki’s Technology – 230424

In the fascinating YouTube video, physicist and researcher Dan Winter delves into the science behind Enki’s technology. Winter stresses the importance of understanding the physics behind Enki’s technology, which includes binaural Bliss audio brainwave stimulation, Schumann pumping of pyramids for Global Wireless power, and brainwave implosion for Bliss.

Quartz is one of the properties that Winter talks about, along with the importance of charge collapse for Consciousness. He also touches on how the Golden Ratio, brain waves, and charge collapse affect dyslexia and creativity. Winter even goes as far as discussing the transfer of human soul through crystal technology and referring to the legend of Orion Queen MOG and the initiation ritual.

Winter stresses the importance of DNA in accessing high-leverage technology, measuring which children have a soul, and creating soul through implosion-braiding. He then explains Enki’s technology and how activating the Kundalini turns DNA into a superconductor, which is essential for supporting Bliss processes.

Winter also takes a dig at Graham Hancock’s exploration of stories of savior figures after great floods while closing the door to extraterrestrial history. He explains Enki’s technology involving accessing the still point and the significance of water in this technology is symbolized by Enki’s trident. Winter demystifies the Hermes mystery as being rooted in caduceus science related to the pyramids’ functions of geobiology and implosion.

Dan Winter’s discussion about Enki’s technology is a fascinating insight into the science behind it. Winter’s emphasis on understanding the physics behind Enki’s technology highlights the importance of research and understanding in advancing technology. Overall, the video offers a unique perspective on the technology, giving viewers a glimpse into the world of physics and its connection to consciousness.

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