Healing Revelations To Remember Always

We are all swimming in an inexhaustible sea of Energies (spirit beings) and that those who seemingly perform miracles simply know how to invoke and utilize theseEnergies for the common good of men.

Many effectively use the POWER OF PRAYER WITH BLESSINGS. The Power of Prayer asks to GOD (YAOHU), that wish is part of the Creative Power. As to healing, by turning over the problems to the Energies (spirit beings) such are acted upon because they are a creative Force in Action. Undivided concentration must be made for several minutes (10 at the most) to allow the energies to gather around the healer for the person invoking them for a valid and reasonable purpose.

VERY IMPORTANT! Do not tell the Energies (spirit beings) what to do. Just let them go to work. They know much better than you do what is needed. Do not, for selfish reasons try to stay the passing of another. Always remember the purpose to be served, realizing that…THE BEST LIFE IS IN SPIRIT…so why prolong the stay of one whose work is about finished. Place patient in a golden ovoid or mat flecked with light green, the healing color, bless him, and let the energies got to work, mentally. Wish for the complete healing of the sick person, that the pain or discomfort leave the body (the Temple of the Living God Yaohu, Yaohushua and Rukha Yaohu).

Remember that there is strength in numbers. If a group gathers together energies and directs it to the person being healed, mentally, it will be done and the person will be healed. Remember also: It is not necessary for the group to be around the person being healed physically. This is healing from a distance.

It is important to give life, for life will give you as you yourself give. It is very, very important that the person WANTS TO BE HEALED, for unless he/she does, interfering relatives and friends can prolong a person’s term in school-house earth, which might have been completed

One cannot simply keep ‘manifesting material needs’ for selfish reasons because if the reasons are selfish the Law of Manifestation will simply cease to work.

In channeling of the Energies (spirit beings) the healer/s may feel some tingling and warmth in the hands and arms or even as if flowing through the body. This is normal and nothing to be afraid of.

To ask that other be blessed is to RECAPTURE THE ONENESS of all egos, the oneship with Almighty God and Father of all, the wholeness of the Creative Force.

To request or ask that rivals or enemies be blessed is a breaking-down of barriers which separates one from another

To request blessings for others is a part of the Force of Love.

When you wish to bless someone you left flow a stream of energies from somewhere beyond you, out to and around and through a person is being blessed. It happens in the twinkling of an eye, even with no words spoken. It is rather like surrounding the person or anything bless with love.

*You can improve your own state of well being by VISUALIZING yourself as healthy and at peace with others. If you want to enjoy vibrant good health you can manifest it for yourself by thinking and visualizing in those terms.

If you visualize yourself as ill or not okay, or fear that a situation will develop that can prevent you from being active, you subconsciously begin making the decisions, which lead to that situation. But when you picture or visualize your body as working in perfect health and inner memory, you improve your attitude and attract the healing energies that are all about and around you.

Some are ailing or unhealthy for varied reasons, but there are so many psychosomatic causes of illness as to defy description, ALWAYS THIS HEALTHY! BE HEALTHY ALWAYS!

The energies (spirits) are there to be used, and if proper respect is accorded then they will perform countless tasks that otherwise would be impossible. Energies will work for everyone in their own affairs, if the motive is…UNSELFISH!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: The brain is the biochemical, electrical switchboard that the MIND uses as the link between the inner being and the life form that it is occupying, “When a group of three or more are in a circle, THE MINDS are unwillingly letting setain powerful energies (spirit) flow. It is like taking two or three batteries in a series to step up the so-called “psychic-voltage.

When all in the group are ask to beam something to someone, they let their MINDS become channels and the person or thing directed at become the “receiver”‘ usually at the center of circle.

REMEMBER: Golden ovoid or Mat flecked with the light green, the healing color.

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