Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.

— Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Anything Is Possible

Dearest Hearts, As always I pray you are well. Typically I don’t write mid-month newsletters, however after witnessing in tangible ways this week, the shift in action, new energies being downloaded into many, the obvious resurgence of the Divine Feminine, and the ‘seemingly’ impossible made possible, I couldn’t help myself. (Plus I wanted to extend… » Read more

“I Am God” Unity Consciousness

Dear Ones, When you come to the understanding, the knowingness within, that you are one with God, you are the God Source, you have, in this Now Moment, transcended duality. It is this knowingness, this concept that will lift you up into the vibrations of the fifth dimension. The concept” I am a spark of… » Read more

Reaching ‘Critical Mass’ In Your Awakening

It seems many people these days hang on the words of channelers as if they were somehow more valid than those spoken by regular (non- channeling) humans. The funny thing is, although the fans of otherworldly entities may regard themselves as more spiritually mature and “awakened” than the rest of us, they seem to have… » Read more

Who Are You

You are not your ego You are not your face You are not your mind You are not your body You are not your name You are not your hairdo You are not what you eat You are not your address You are not your diseases You are not what you wear You are not… » Read more

Abolishing the old concept of God

… Read and Smile till you Laugh … The best thing we can do is to get rid of the old God Concept. This concept is an old fashioned religious Idea. ! … God is not a self-aware Being or Parent in the Sky … ! What we have called The First Cause or God… » Read more

Human Fear is Their Food

or We created our own Spooks We have been on earth for at least 300,000 years and no doubt during all these ages we did all kinds of things searching and fearful people do. One of them was creating Gods and Devils. I have known about our self-created Gods and Devils since 1980/81 and believe… » Read more

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