Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy, or spectrum of energies. Express your Love. Love dissolves fear. You cannot be afraid when you are feeling Love. Since everything is energy, and Love encompasses all energies, all is Love.

— Brian Weiss

Mind Computer part II – Peggy Black

Message 59 Mind Computer part II Many, many humans never realize that they are more than their minds. They are on automatic. They are born, the emotional programs within are installed, and they never question their beliefs or their reactions to these programs. They believe it is their behavior. It is just who they are…. » Read more

Vibrational Frequency and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Your vibrational frequency is what determines your ability to access and experience fifth-dimensional timelines where unconditional love, limitless abundance, radiant health and boundless creativity are the norm. There are many different means by which one can raise their vibration. These include diet, exercise, belief system adjustments, meditation, intention, stilling your mind and focusing on unconditional… » Read more

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