Reach out and touch someone with your Love & Gratitude.

— Ashok

Conscious Ascension Part II

“You are not leaving the Earth to live in Unity Consciousness. You are rather bringing the consciousness of Unity that already exists in the 5th Dimension into your hearts, your bodies and your relationships.” Messages from The Masters May 31, 2010 Conscious Ascension Part II Living as your Presence or Master Self is the… » Read more

“I Am God” Unity Consciousness

Dear Ones, When you come to the understanding, the knowingness within, that you are one with God, you are the God Source, you have, in this Now Moment, transcended duality. It is this knowingness, this concept that will lift you up into the vibrations of the fifth dimension. The concept” I am a spark of… » Read more

Twelve Dimensions and Multidimensional Consciousness

Everything in the whole of creation is energy that moves, ripples, and vibrates. Spirit, the energy of the Source vibrates at a faster rate than matter and in between we have many different levels of vibrations. The difference between the frequencies makes the different dimensions or realities. Everything is eternally changing, all part of one… » Read more

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