To your senses, you are just a drop in the ocean. But in truth, my friend, you are the ocean itself.

— Philip Arnold

The Timeline Shift Technique is a Tool for the New Time

The Timeline Shift Technique takes the Parallel Worlds Theory from the “big picture” perspective to the “up close and personal” perspective in order to make it useful in the daily life of an individual. The Timeline Shift Theory says that an infinite number of timelines exist within our energetic field. Because these realities are already… » Read more

Expression of Love

Dear Lightworkers, I came here today to give you an important message. In this message, I try to cover those areas you might be interested in. I warn you all that this message is especially for Lightworkers who are much more evolved than an average person and more aware to themselves than an average person…. » Read more

Your Soulmate Already Exists in your Field of Possibilities

If the thought enters your mind to manifest a soulmate relationship, then a soulmate already exists in your energetic field of possibilities. This reality where you are united with your soulmate exists parallel to those realities where you are not with your soulmate. Shifting to the reality where you are with your soulmate takes focus… » Read more

Multi-Dimentional realities

The variety of dimensions you can incur will overwhelm you and stagger the imagination. All we have to offer you about dimensions would be a volume in itself. First let’s begin with the vibratory rate of the various dimensional levels within your physical universe. There is a multitude of experience in this universe alone. If… » Read more

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