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I Would Like to Retract my Previous Message About August 4th

Wes Annac I Would Like to Retract my Previous Message About August 4th Posted by Wes Annac, Aquarius Channelings, August 1, 2012 http://aquariuschannelings.com/category/message-from-wes/ I would like to retract my previous message about August 4th and the falsity of channelings coming out which are claiming this date to absolutely be disclosure day. I still stand by… » Read more

Message from the Pleiadians

We would like to speak with you today about something that we see occurring within many of the LightWorker/Starseed community, something that is distracting and drawing many away from their higher purpose and mission. On so many of your internet sites there appears to be an almost ‘tunnel vision’ focus on what has become known… » Read more

Magnetics in Motion ~ End Times Redone

Greetings from Home This day there is magic here in this room. You have created an anticipation that is absolutely magical. In fact, it could be called ‘magnetic,’ for you are creating magic with every breath you take by breathing into a body that lets your spirit shine through. This day we wish to give… » Read more

Pretending to be Human

Greetings from Home Blind Creator Dolls You will see this Earth change very rapidly over the next 200 years. Yes, we know you think 200 years is a long time, but you are beginning to see an evolution that has never taken place anywhere. For that reason, all eyes of the universe are on planet… » Read more

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