Love Love Love to YOU my friend :) xoxo ♥

Those holding the Light have guaranteed it for all

The time of waiting is almost at an end, and the end will be surprising, alarming for some, a relief, and finally, a great joy, as you release all your confusions and burdensome perceptions of life and become truly free — free from all the insane limitations that you have placed on yourselves and attempted… » Read more

This is a wake-up call that no one will sleep through!

Every day that you live in the illusion, you are moving closer to the exhilarating moment of awakening. It is a moment that you cannot miss, because you have arranged your whole schedule within the illusion to ensure your presence in that moment. Your alarm clock has been set, its batteries are new, and when… » Read more

Enough is enough

The moment for humanity’s awakening is fast approaching, even though you may not be sensing it. And when it arrives you will awaken with delight into the magnificent brilliance of Reality. The illusion is crumbling; its days are numbered; and as it collapses around you, you will gasp at the beauty of the true reality… » Read more

Your angels are nudging you.

You are all on the path Home. There is no other path, no other destination, and there is no possibility that you could fail to arrive. You have been on a strange journey into an imaginary reality of heartbreak and suffering, experiencing a vivid and fearful dream in which you seemed to be alone, abandoned,… » Read more

Your resistence is dissolving like sugar in a hot drink

As the moment for humanity’s move into full consciousness approaches, be aware that this will be a momentous event bringing untold joy to all on Planet Earth. You have been hoping and praying for this moment for eons, and now it is very close. Deep within you you all know this is so. You have… » Read more

Each one of you is a perfect creation of divine Love

As the divine plan for humanity and Planet Earth continues to unfold, every one of you is doing your part, as you all agreed to do. When you observe the illusory reality you have built for yourselves, and all the suffering and disharmony that is occurring within it, remind yourselves that by focusing your attention… » Read more

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