Dream what you want to dream,
go where you want to go,
be what you want to be.

How you feel is a choice you make in every moment

January 15, 2012 by John Smallman Humanity’s long sojourn in the illusion is coming to an end, as is the illusion itself. It has served its purpose which was to enable you to play with the concept of being separated from God (only in your imaginations!) and to experience the pain, the sense of abandonment,… » Read more

Give thanks for illusions – they do not last!

06/15/2011 by John Smallman There is an increasing sense of excitement as the moment for humanity’s awakening into full consciousness draws ever closer. You have indeed spent eons in the illusion, hoping, praying, and waiting for the moment for the illusion – the nightmare filled with misery and suffering – to fade from your memories… » Read more

Enough is enough

The moment for humanity’s awakening is fast approaching, even though you may not be sensing it. And when it arrives you will awaken with delight into the magnificent brilliance of Reality. The illusion is crumbling; its days are numbered; and as it collapses around you, you will gasp at the beauty of the true reality… » Read more

You are, in reality, brilliant, shimmering jewel-like Beings

The earth changes that so many of you are expecting will be mainly benign. Much needs to happen to aid in your planet’s renewal — and it will — but any major earth movements or shifts will occur in sparsely populated or unpopulated areas, so there will be very few media reports of these important… » Read more

You are the ones who have to discard the illusion

As you are very well aware, your lovely planet is enveloped in an energy field of a strength and intensity never previously experienced, to assist in and ensure your imminent move into full consciousness. The importance of this wonderful event cannot be overemphasized. It was planned at the moment of your apparent separation from God,… » Read more

God Has Shared His Power With His Son

Full consciousness — humanity’s divine destiny — is that state of wonder and joy which comes from experiencing your Oneness with your divine Father. His Love for you is eternal and boundless because you are His children, created perfectly in His likeness, and consequently, you reflect back to Him in every moment the glory that… » Read more

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