That which is beyond name or form -that which connects us, flows in us and flows through us, and throughout all of creation… yeah, that –Source, Love IT happens! ~ FLOW with IT ~

— Lightworker

We are filled with joy as we await our imminent reacquaintance with you

Humanity’s eons-long journey is drawing to a close, as the moment of your awakening inexorably approaches. You have been working hard to arrive at this moment of extreme exhilaration, and your sisters and brothers who are outside the illusion, observing and encouraging you, are filled with joy as we await our imminent reacquaintance with you…. » Read more

Your awakening is awaited most eagerly

Humanity’s awakening into full consciousness is an occurrence of momentous significance.  It has been planned with great care and attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of this divine event unfolds perfectly, and so it will — because it is God’s Will and no outcome other than His Will is possible.  Focus on this…. » Read more

Now is the time to be in good spirits

As you awaken into your normal state of full consciousness, much that has confused or mystified you will become clear, as humanity’s ability to understand itself, the illusion, and its purpose and meaning comes on line. The illusion has brought you much suffering, but God, in His infinite wisdom, ensured that it would have a… » Read more

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