Feel the pain of others.
Understand their struggles and disappointments,
… their hardships and inadequacies…
And open your heart to them.
Realize that everyone is doing the best they possibly can.

Judge no one.

But rather, cradle all of Humanity in your heart.

— Anonymous

Major changes to the way society is organized are happening right now

In the spiritual realms we are observing with joy the rapid progress that humanity is now making in its spiritual evolution as the moment for its awakening approaches. In the illusion the majority of wonderful events that are occurring across the world are not widely reported, and much is done to discount the importance of… » Read more

The Pleiadians – Great Changes Between Now And November

Channeler: James Gilliland “You are going to see great changes between now and November” There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the disturbance in the force called Earth. There is a unified field in which we all reside and express and Earth due to its… » Read more

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance – Saul

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance 09/14/2011 by John Smallman We – all of God’s divine creation – are almost euphoric as we observe the moment of humanity’s awakening approaching rapidly. The “we” includes you, because deep within you, where you know that you are divine beings, you too are well aware… » Read more

You are starting to believe that you truly are God’s beloved children

Life in the nightmare that you believe is reality is exhausting. It is filled with distractions that cause fear and anxiety, so that many feel they have to take precautions to protect themselves from attack, which they feel can happen when least expected. They play out numerous scenarios in their heads in which they imagine… » Read more

SaLuSa, January 17, 2011

The New Year is underway and there will be plenty to keep you occupied, as the climax to the present changes is coming to a head. Within all of the happenings it will become apparent, that you are experiencing the last of the dark Ones attempts to hang onto their power. They will not change… » Read more

HEAVEN #3684 Traversing Heaven

Gloria’s energy to continue channeling is amazing… EagleEyes God said: Whether in illness or in health, you and I are One. Through anything, no matter anything, regardless of anything, you and I walk through green pastures together as One. Instead of focusing on your hurt toe or wounded heart, focus on the Oneness of Us…. » Read more

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