To your senses, you are just a drop in the ocean. But in truth, my friend, you are the ocean itself.

— Philip Arnold

Working within the Violet Flame

Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 11-18, 2011 Working within the Violet Flame Channeled by: Julie Miller October 11, 2011 Welcome beloveds to another fine Tuesday. We speak today of dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, despair and all that this can include with the use of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame,… » Read more

The Will of God ~ El Moyra’s Weekly Message

Channelled by: Julie Miller September 13, 2011 Welcome all Gods children! Welcome to another marvellous Tuesday. I would like to discuss the Will of God with you, and what that entails. What is the Will of God? There is a lot that goes into this answer. Following in God’s footprints, meaning being like God. This… » Read more

El Morya: Events Unfolding

Beloved Ones, I come on this day to speak with you about the unfolding events that will be taking place within a very short space of time. This is all in the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her and will herald great changes along the length and breadth of your Planet. Much… » Read more

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