Hate is toxic to your body, it destroys all beauty & goodness! Heal & eradicate Hate with the cleansing antisepic of Love!

— The God Light

Your shift towards awakening is a joy to behold

As you become increasingly aware of the fact that you are spiritual beings undergoing an illusory physical experience, it becomes easier for you to accept that you chose to undergo the experience for the lessons you wanted to learn. Nevertheless, that does not necessarily mean that you can recognize and understand your spiritual lessons as… » Read more

Your resistence is dissolving like sugar in a hot drink

As the moment for humanity’s move into full consciousness approaches, be aware that this will be a momentous event bringing untold joy to all on Planet Earth. You have been hoping and praying for this moment for eons, and now it is very close. Deep within you you all know this is so. You have… » Read more

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