We are all ONE.

Message to the Universe from The Pleiadian ring of 500 affiliated of the Pleiadian Council of Light

The following is a telepathic message I received this morning from my Pleiadian family, also known as “The Ring of 500″ who, I am told, are affiliates of The Pleiadian Council of Light. Please read with heartfelt discernment with the knowledge that telepathic channels can sometimes be garbled or misinterpreted by the receiver. – FreeSpirit… » Read more

The Sirian Councils of Light, Expanding into Omnipresence

Greetings to all peoples upon the Earth, We are the Sirian Councils of Light Eternal. We come to speak in this way with you to bring tidings of Joy and camaraderie. Although much is in chaos in your world, we honor the tasks at hand for each of you and we honor your strengths individually… » Read more

Avatars Of Light: Heal Yourselves Of Fear

Avatars Of Light: Heal Yourselves Of Fear Message from The Sirian Council Of Light Dear light beings, In this moment we ask that you join us in the celebration of spirit! in the celebration of ourselves because spirit we are, Divine spirit. Oh you are all so divine! as we gaze upon you from the… » Read more

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