A Journey to the Other Dimension: Auntie’s New Life

When I was just a kid, my Aunt passed away mysteriously. There were no signs of physical illness, and her departure left a lingering sense of unease in our family. But then, a strange and wondrous rumor began to circulate. According to my Aunt’s friend, she had seen my departed Aunt, having a new life,… » Read more

The Enchantment on the Fishpond

The sun blazed high overhead as my sister lay on the terrace, idly watching the rippling fishpond and the ancient trees that surrounded it. But her relaxation was short-lived. A movement caught her eye – a flicker of motion in the corner of her vision. She turned her head, only to see our relative pacing… » Read more

The Alluring Lady and the Enchanted House

As the night falls, the adventurous spirit of college students tends to awaken, leading them to explore the unknown. However, some adventures may lead to a more perilous path, full of mystery and magic. In our time, college students were captivated by the idea of visiting the residences of alluring young ladies living in remote… » Read more

Mysterious Hotel Stay

The world is full of mysteries and the unknown. Sometimes, we find ourselves caught up in the middle of inexplicable situations, where nothing seems to make sense. Such was the case of a marketing agent from a big corporation who was assigned to the province near a world-known white beach resort. As part of his… » Read more

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