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Questions Answered a Message from St Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin September 7, 2012

Elizabeth Trutwin asked a friend to pose questions to St. Germain regarding Changeover and 911. The following questions were posed to St. Germain tonight and these are his answers: 1.  It’s said that we need to all personally change our view on things in order for change.  So that means no TV, no media, etc…… » Read more

Important Message From The Universal Council Of Light

Published on Jul 4, 2012 by Helenhealer Helen Demetriou of Esophoria Mystery School channels a very important message from the Universal Council of Light regarding the Mayan Calendar and the significance of the date 21st December 2012. This video is not saying the world is going to end.   The video says that we are already… » Read more

June Vibes, Galactic Federation of Light / Sharon-Ann Riley

Greetings Masters Many of you have ascertained that the only way “to be”, is living in transparency. The energy of the fifth and higher dimensions are that of unconditional love and so anything not in alignment will come up immediately. Those who have lived in victimhood, martyrdom, difficulty in expressing, suppression and too afraid to… » Read more

Crystalai ~ Manifestation

Crystalai Ó 2011 cosmicdolphinmagic.com http://lunarvisions.ning.com/ http://evolutionascension.ning.com/ http://www.cosmicdolphinmagic.com/ There are two types of manifestation. One is to create from an idea, and the other is to form the idea. We have been locked inside of a world of beliefs that make us think that only the ideas that we can see here in this finite spectrum… » Read more

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