The awakening of ANY individual is a cosmic event.


Opportunities for growth. When we release the past and let go of fears of the future, we come to see that everyone is our teacher and that every circumstance is an opportunity for growth in happiness, peace and understanding. History lesson. My reality is more about my history than what you are saying or doing…. » Read more

Emotion and motivation plays an important role in success

Emotion and motivation go together hand in hand. Indeed, emotions play an important part in our lives, and even more so in self improvement. Often times, successful people are those who know how to take control of their emotions and use it to their benefit. The best sportsmen and women are able to stay calm… » Read more

How Creation Works

“If you see a difference between where you are and where you want to be – consciously change your thoughts, words, and actions to match your grandest vision.” – Neal Donald Walsch in “Conversations with God” Gather your want list you created on the Identify Your Wants page. Take one item off your list you… » Read more


You have searched all your life for the one, you may even have thought that you had come close a few times, but in the end you have never found that person you envisioned as being the one. If you have entered the new paradigm of relationship you are resigning yourself to the truth that… » Read more

Cultivating Happiness – Can Being Positive and Upbeat Improve Your Heart Health?

By Sheryl Schlameuss Berger Are you enthusiastic, upbeat and relatively content most of the time — or are you cranky, agitated or dejected much of the time? Have you ever suspected that embracing a real sense of happiness in your life may actually help ward off heart conditions? Well, you might be “happy” to hear… » Read more

Tips for Happiness in Daily Life

by Remez Sasson Daily life can be made happier. It is a matter of choice. It is our attitude that makes us feel happy or unhappy. It is true, we meet all kinds of situations during the day, and some of them may not be conductive to happiness. We can choose to keep thinking about… » Read more

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