To defend oneself is but to conform to the Spiritual Law of the Protection of Man.

— Richard Boylan

Those Who Would Control Humanity are Rapidly Losing their Ability to do So – Saul

February 1, 2012 Things are coming to a head, as those who would control humanity are rapidly losing their ability to do so. They have seemingly been in control for a very long time and they have surrounded you all with an energy field that encourages dissent, disagreement, and distrust. This field is not strong… » Read more

Take confidence in the glorious outcome that awaits you

01/29/2012 by John Smallman From the spiritual realms we are pouring down an abundance of love and assistance as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer. Put yourselves into a relaxed or meditative state, open up your hearts in acceptance of it, experience the increasing sense of peace it brings you, and take confidence… » Read more

You are frequently feeling the disquiet of others – Saul

Many of you are finding this period in the divine plan stressful with your doubts and skepticism intensifying as you wait expectantly for the moment of awakening. This is very understandable because all the channels and all the guides have been encouraging your expectations, and yet most of you have very little, if any, sense… » Read more

A most sumptuous banquet has been prepared.

11/02/2011 by John Smallman These are exciting times for humanity, as old attitudes of judgment, mistrust, and conflict are released by large numbers of you, allowing you to reassess your thoughts, words, and actions in the light of the loving attitudes that are replacing them. It truly is wonderful to observe the positive and uplifting… » Read more

You demonstrate what you believe – Saul

10/30/2011 by John Smallman Despite any doubts you may have, the moment for humanity’s awakening into full consciousness is getting ever closer, and it will not be delayed or prevented. As light- bearers your task is simply to do as you have been doing and hold the light on high so that all may see… » Read more

The most effective way you can prepare for your awakening – Saul

10/23/2011 by John Smallman As humanity’s time for being lost in the illusion of its collective, imaginary physical reality rolls towards its conclusion, continue to focus on your intent to change your unloving attitudes for the divine one of indiscriminate, unconditional love, and practice that at all times, allowing it to direct all your thoughts,… » Read more

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