Past and Future are in the mind only – I am now.

— Sri Maharaj

Being the Light

Potential means the opportunity to become more of your authentic nature than is now contained in your aura. When you do an act that deletes some form of negativity, love from all of the Masters and Angels comes towards you. Your feeling of fullness continues to thrive in the matrix of materialization until non-aligned energies… » Read more

Love is your essence

Humanity is ready to awaken, like the first buds in spring after a long hard winter, as the sun warms them, encouraging them to open. Similarly, the divine Love enfolding the planet is being widely felt, and the news of war and suffering presented by the main media is a distraction to which you should… » Read more

Reality contains nothing that is not in loving harmony with God

As the moment for humanity’s great awakening approaches continue to hold the light, strengthen your intent to do so, and allow the divine energy field that envelops you to flow easily and exuberantly through you, as you continue to accept your rôles as conduits for it. The effect that each one of you light holders… » Read more

Hilarion’s weekly message

Beloved Lightworkers, get ready for a great increase in the downpouring energies. The next month will be filled with many changes taking place within you as you continually receive these powerful attunements and as this occurs, many wonderful events will take place. It will first take place in the situations that have been taking your… » Read more

Everything you think, say, and do affects many others…

When life throws you a curved ball, embrace it! Nothing in your life happens by chance; every event you experience has been planned and has a purpose. However, while you remain immersed in the illusion, it is very difficult for you to perceive this, let alone understand what it is trying to show you. This… » Read more

You are part of the immortal life force

As you wait expectantly — holding the light of God’s transforming energy for your awakening into full consciousness — you know that the wonder of that moment, when it occurs, will be more exhilarating by far than anything you can ever imagine. It is this knowledge, anchored deep within you, way below the level of… » Read more

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