A Closed Mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

— Anonymous

SaLuSa, December 6, 2010

We and other sources work hard to prepare you for all eventualities, but even so as the changes commence the extent of them will come as a surprise to most of you. The reason is because they are so far reaching, as ultimately the whole world will be involved. If the Earth is to be… » Read more

SaLuSa – 6th September 2010

The power that you have could not be better illustrated than how the Lightworkers although a minority, have overcome the lower energies. They have also as individuals been able to lift themselves out of their pull, and established the Light. In carrying it with them they have the affect of enlightening others. Such ones are… » Read more

SaLuSa – 11th August 2010

More of you are opening up your psychic centers, and you are beginning to sense or experience futuristic events. This is quite normal as you rise up in consciousness, and you may glimpse well into the future beyond the immediate period leading to Ascension. This happens for the same reason that time travel is possible,… » Read more

Sense of Belonging- The Kingdom of Light

Arch Angel Uriel (Ariel) thru Hazel Jun 18, 2010 – 12:48:14 PM On your planet at this moment there are many soul groups unknown to and beyond the comprehension of the physical aspect of man. These soul groups incarnate for different reasons, some karmic, others in service. It becomes inevitable during the journey that is… » Read more

Hilarion’s weekly message

Beloved Lightworkers, get ready for a great increase in the downpouring energies. The next month will be filled with many changes taking place within you as you continually receive these powerful attunements and as this occurs, many wonderful events will take place. It will first take place in the situations that have been taking your… » Read more

New Message from Matthew

This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. Let us speak about something that affects the United States but is of great concern to peoples throughout your world, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We know of the various speculations as to what caused this grave environmental situation: the… » Read more

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