Don’t overthink it. Just begin.

— Rich Roll

We Offer You a Golden Opportunity

Message from Archangel Michael LM-1-2011 Though Ronna Herman Beloved masters, once again we, the messengers and servants of our Father/Mother God, sound the Clarion Call for all the mighty forces that comprise the Legions of Light to come forth and unite. You, who have been scattered throughout the universe over these many past Ages, are… » Read more

Hilarion’s Weekly Message Sept 5th to 12th

September 5-12, 2010 Beloved Ones, The coming week will bring much flux in terms of energy flow, with feelings of joy and happiness in the morning followed by moodiness, withdrawal or extreme sensitivity by evening. Try to anticipate this before it occurs by watching for cycles of occurrence and taking note of this and be… » Read more

We are Light in Action

Yes, Dear Ones and Beloved Brothers, the unconditional love can be felt by all. You are the Power and Light of God Father/Mother, trust your senses. Listen to your deeper feeling and you will find that always … ALWAYS …you will be in contact with the Divine Light. The Light is present in this time… » Read more

Hilarion’s Weekly Message

Beloved Ones, Much is transpiring for each of you in your daily lives. You are being called upon to let go of all that no longer serves you and sometimes this is not readily apparent to you consciously. Trust that where you are now is exactly where you should be and allow the transformation that… » Read more

Archangel Michael April 2010 Message by Ronna Herman

Archangel Michael’s Monthly Message MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL * LM-4-2010 TRANSMITTED BY RONNA HERMAN WALKING INTO THE LIGHT OF YOUR FUTURE Beloved masters, we ask you to take time to review what we will call your master plan for the future. We have told many of you in the past that it is time to… » Read more


I AM the mother of your Heart and the father of your Mind. I AM the presence of Light for which you have hungered your entire incarnation. I AM the Hope you seek and the Promise you fear. I AM the Perfection which is calling and the Caution which holds you still. I AM your… » Read more

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