You are the LOVE that I AM.

You have the right and the ability to redirect your energy

by John Smallman As you know, we in the spiritual realms are looking forward with delighted anticipation to humanity’s move into its natural state of full consciousness. It is time to move out of the illusion where you have been playing an unpleasant and frightening game, and where you have chosen to hide from yourselves… » Read more

El Morya: Events Unfolding

Beloved Ones, I come on this day to speak with you about the unfolding events that will be taking place within a very short space of time. This is all in the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her and will herald great changes along the length and breadth of your Planet. Much… » Read more

The Purpose of Human Life

We are Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey. All Spiritual Beings are aspects of Manifested Creation. Manifested Creation is Consciousness evolving to higher Levels of Awareness. The Purpose of Human Life on Planet Earth is to give Human Souls the opportunity to live in physical bodies and by means of this process awaken them to… » Read more

Much is taking place upon your World at this time that requires your great powers of discernment.

Dearest Lightworker Family, Much is taking place upon your World at this time that requires your great powers of discernment. Look within to validate any information that you see or read. There is much disinformation that is floating about and one must be in touch with the Higher Selves at all times. All the changes… » Read more

You were created to live in bliss and ecstacy

02/24/2010 by John Smallman God’s Love for humanity is, as you know, infinite, boundless, and without conditions. You are His beloved children, created perfect, and consequently eternally perfect. You were created out of perfect Love to live in bliss and ecstacy — forever. The reason you do not experience those conditions is because you chose… » Read more

Pretending to be Human

Greetings from Home Blind Creator Dolls You will see this Earth change very rapidly over the next 200 years. Yes, we know you think 200 years is a long time, but you are beginning to see an evolution that has never taken place anywhere. For that reason, all eyes of the universe are on planet… » Read more

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