You are eternally, completely loved.

January 15-22 – Hilarion’s Weekly Message

January 15-22, 2012 Beloved Ones, Many of you are discovering that as you each stand in your Light and in your truth without fear, without anger, that you are being supported by the new energies that are permeating the entire atmosphere of the Earth. Those who try to work in the old paradigms, in the… » Read more

January 8-15, 2012 – Hilarion’s Weekly Message

Hilarion’s Weekly Message, January 8-15, 2012 Beloved Ones, You may have noticed that as your bodies – mental, emotional and physical, transform as you daily walk upon your Planet, that even though you still experience challenges of the opposing forces within you, that there exists also, a lightening of your spirit, a lifting of the… » Read more

Hilarion’s Weekly Message October 30 – November 6, 2011

October 30 – November 6, 2011 Beloved Ones, Many changes are taking place within you during these times. Your cells are being changed to facilitate the transformation of your body into a less dense physical body. This will be a lengthy process well into the year of 2012 and even beyond. All depends upon the… » Read more

Hilarion’s Weekly Message – September18-25, 2011

Beloved Ones, You have all been integrating the incoming energies at an incredible rate. The feeling of unease in your Solar Plexus area requires more relaxation on your part and the practice of deep breathing, preferably when outdoors. There continue to be many changes taking place within you and as this process continues, a greater… » Read more

Hilarion’s Weekly Message, July 31 – August 6, 2011

Beloved Ones, Life on the Earth plane begins to take on a faster pace than before. There will be many happenings that occur that will seem to be miraculous and hard to believe. As these events take place, remember to keep your equilibrium at all times and be at peace. As the dimensions converge into… » Read more

Hilarion’s Weekly Message 2011 June 5-12, 2011

Beloved Lightworkers, The energies of these times are very intense and are galvanizing many of you to get deep within yourselves and seek a more conscious connection with your True Selves. There have been many layers and masks that you have donned during your current lifetime and from some previous lifetimes that are at this… » Read more

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