One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone is happy because of you.

You are going Home!

Your divine connection is permanent, unbreakable, and incorruptible, but you can restrict your access to it or block it off completely, as the vast majority of humans have done. This results in your sense of separation and aloneness, and reinforces your sense that your illusory reality is the only reality, and that you are an… » Read more

To release yourselves from the illusion is your holy task.

God loves humanity unconditionally and eternally. He would never condemn, punish, hurt or destroy even one of you, because you are His beloved children. He wants you to be fully conscious so that you may enjoy your eternal divine state of Oneness with Him; He does not want you hiding from Him in the dream… » Read more

We of the Galactic Federation are carrying out God’s work to bring Light to all Developing Civilizations.

Because we are aware of all the coming changes and see the complete success they will bring, we do not experience tension or concern but rather a feeling of excitement at the thought of the great hope and happiness it will bring you. We have the privilege of seeing the wider view and all probabilities,… » Read more

You were created to live in bliss and ecstacy

02/24/2010 by John Smallman God’s Love for humanity is, as you know, infinite, boundless, and without conditions. You are His beloved children, created perfect, and consequently eternally perfect. You were created out of perfect Love to live in bliss and ecstacy — forever. The reason you do not experience those conditions is because you chose… » Read more

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