There will be betters days.

“It’s Like Giving Birth!”

October, 2012 Blessings my  friend,     Channeler: Emmanuel Dagher What a roller coaster ride the energies have taken us on this past September! For some, the energies were so intense that saying it was like holding on for dear life is an understatement. A great deal of this intensity came as a direct result… » Read more

The Planetary Ascension is now underway – Archangel Michael

Messages received and shared here come from spirit and even though spirit utilizes human/personality channels – it is this group’s view that messages from spirit are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need – so if you are reading this you… » Read more

SaLuSa, December 13, 2010

Never let go of your vision for the future because as you and others use your powers of creation, you are helping ensure that it becomes manifested. You are all co-creators and that has applied from the time you moved into the lower dimensions. You needed guidance to apply your energies to the true workings… » Read more

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