Reality. It’s just your imagination.

The illusion is disintegrating and it will continue to do so

Humanity is progressing beautifully as you all move forward towards your awakening into Reality.  Your sojourn on Earth as physical beings, although in truth of only a momentary duration, has most certainly been experienced as a long hard slog through the eons of time, and has included much fear and suffering.  Since the moment of… » Read more


Opportunities for growth. When we release the past and let go of fears of the future, we come to see that everyone is our teacher and that every circumstance is an opportunity for growth in happiness, peace and understanding. History lesson. My reality is more about my history than what you are saying or doing…. » Read more

Living in Awareness

by Tracy Webb “You create your own reality” and “You are what you think you are.” At first I thought this was great and very simple – all I have to do is think in a particular way and I will be/have all the things I ever wished for. However, there are certain universal laws… » Read more

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