Most humanity is fast asleep to its true self, its true potential. Are you awake?

— Philip Arnold

Prepare to be entranced

Humanity’s determination to awaken is intensifying as the moment for the move into full consciousness approaches. There are a few, only a very few, who wish to thwart the divine plan, but their efforts are fruitless, and even though they may appear to be causing delays and diversions, remember that within the illusion everything is… » Read more

Wonders are to fill your lives

People are waking up all across the planet. They have not yet opened their eyes, but are aware that a new day has dawned and have still to recognize how glorious it is. Truly, wonders of a most fantastic and beautiful nature are to fill your lives as you once again become fully-conscious beings, just… » Read more

This is a wake-up call that no one will sleep through!

Every day that you live in the illusion, you are moving closer to the exhilarating moment of awakening. It is a moment that you cannot miss, because you have arranged your whole schedule within the illusion to ensure your presence in that moment. Your alarm clock has been set, its batteries are new, and when… » Read more

Enough is enough

The moment for humanity’s awakening is fast approaching, even though you may not be sensing it. And when it arrives you will awaken with delight into the magnificent brilliance of Reality. The illusion is crumbling; its days are numbered; and as it collapses around you, you will gasp at the beauty of the true reality… » Read more

There is only one reason for sentient beings to exist…

When you move into your fully-conscious state — awareness of your oneness with each other and with God — there will be untold rejoicing in the realms of spirit, your heavenly home, as you awaken and know yourselves once more. The distractions and confusion of the illusory reality, in which you have buried yourselves for… » Read more

SaLuSa – 16th June 2010

We love your resilience in the face of adversity, and often you show the remarkable human trait to be able to make light of it. We have said before that there is a place for humour, and we are no exception. However, we do not use it to ridicule or taunt another soul, as that… » Read more

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