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Shifts and Changes as you “activate” your DNA Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn Dearest Lightworkers, this information on the DNA and the new energies was given by Archangel Michael as part of two private channels. It is given here with the permission of the clients. The first person, who is a healer, had asked questions… » Read more

You are all on your way home

Everything is falling neatly and precisely into place in these last few moments before full consciousness envelops you. You are to experience joyous wonder way beyond your ability to imagine, as you make your way out of the illusion, of a strength and intensity so powerful, permanently, that you will be aware of nothing else…. » Read more

You were born to heal …

There are so many words in the world, so many languages and modes of expression, yet to most, the Truth of Man remains indefinable and seems elusive. It is not that words lack meaning, rather it is that for such a long period of time, various thoughts and ways of being have become far removed… » Read more

Soul Mate Relationships

“The term soul mates is often used to mean twin souls; but there is an important distinction. Twin souls are two sides of the same soul, whereas group souls, though intimately related, are separate. We have many soul mates but only one twin soul…” “Twin Souls” P. Joudry & M. Pressman, M.D. Dutch/Nederlands Soul mates… » Read more

Is there a purpose to Life?

The purpose of life, and of the Universe we find ourselves in, has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time. Every now and again, a piece of the puzzle falls neatly into place, but still, for many of us, the entire picture is far from being complete. The purpose of this web page is to… » Read more

Who Am I Really?

“All your life you think you are your body. Some of the time you think you are your mind. It is at the time of your death that you find out Who You Really Are.” Given to Neale Donald Walsch… by God ~ Conversations with God, Book 1(1995) Dutch/Nederlands Have you ever wondered who you… » Read more

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