Don’t frown because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

— SinVyeSt Tan

Releasing all Attachments of the Mind

29-July-2012 Hello Son, Releasing all Attachments of the Mind The spiritual path of enlightenment firstly knows you within. The mind is a complex tool analysing and storing millions of information inside its own library. Every second of the day we are awake, the mind through its senses stores all information. Often we can be lost… » Read more

Attachment – Detachment

Emotional bonding. Attachment refers to an emotional bonding, say between two people, where the element of dependency is present in the relationship. The need for attachment does not necessarily abate as we mature. A lack of self-acceptance. A person attached to another identifies his happiness with that person, meaning he projects the cause of his… » Read more

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