Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Message from the Ashtar Command 8/1/12 ‘Meeting Notification & Golden Rule’

Stirring into the mix of your reality are aspects of yourselves, of your lives that you may begin to feel are not necessary or positive ingredients to your new world and your new lives. These are lower aspects of yourselves that cling onto you as if they need a host body to survive, and it… » Read more

Message from the Ashtar Command 7/11/12 ‘Media: Do What it is You do Best’

Remote sections of our overall plan are now being implemented in your world. We are taking note and watching over the continuing arrests of the many members of your criminal cabal and their underlings, and we see these arrests continuing smoothly and efficiently with no harm whatsoever coming to the courageous men and women on… » Read more

Prepare For The Celebration

January 26, 2012 Things are not going to be as they have always been. You are about to experience a great change in the evolution of your very soul expression and you are coming now soon to the threshold of that which was the beginnings of all that you came here for and all of… » Read more

January 26th 2012 – Melissa of Asthar Command

Hello, I am Melina, and I would like to share a few words with you through our channel Greg today. I am a female officer of the Ashtar Command. My command involves the procurement of space travel related equipment and supplies. These articles are necessary for certain types of our craft to travel through space…. » Read more

January 14th – Galactic Federation

News stories will begin to trickle through to the viewing public concerning matters which we have already discussed with many of you concerning our presence in your skies and of matters concerning your governments and financial systems. Soon, all truths will be quickly and efficiently shared with you concerning all matters of your world, but… » Read more

Message From Sananda 1/28/11

28th January, 2011. Greetings voyagers, This is a time like no other that you now find yourselves in. The activations arriving from the higher dimensions right now are designed to fully open your light fields so that you can hold more of your divine potential. So many inhabitants are given the task of acting as… » Read more

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