You’re a glorious Being of Light seeking the pathway back to the higher realms, your true home.

— SaluSa

You are the Radiant Ones, Who Heal and Bless Wherever You May Walk – Hilarion

Beloved Ones, Many of you have been noticing the spirit of unity, thoughtfulness, kindness, helpfulness and cooperation within your fellow Beings as you together change the World by changing within yourselves.It is true that the only person you can change is yourself and you who read this are becoming Masters in this arena. We do… » Read more

Feb.08 – SaLuSa : The Waiting Game Plays Out a Bit Longer

The waiting game will have to be played a little bit longer, but all of the time progress is being made. No amount of interference from the dark Ones will have any lasting effect, as our plans are now too far advanced for them to be prevented from being successful. Our activities are being speeded… » Read more

Take confidence in the glorious outcome that awaits you

01/29/2012 by John Smallman From the spiritual realms we are pouring down an abundance of love and assistance as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer. Put yourselves into a relaxed or meditative state, open up your hearts in acceptance of it, experience the increasing sense of peace it brings you, and take confidence… » Read more

Sananda – The Time Is Now

January 29, 2012 Soon you will be hearing announcements that will be both shocking and wonderful. To some, it will be as if their world is falling apart and to others it will be as a ray of sunshine peaking through the clouds for the first time. For those of you reading this however, it… » Read more

Welcome the new vibrations with the Heart of a Lion – Sananda

Sananda 26TH of January, 2012 Channel: Angelica Dear child of the Light and dear Brothers and Sisters. I, Sananda, come to you this evening on behalf of the whole Galactic Federation to welcome you into the Golden Age. You who are tracking the truth and you who walk towards these strong Lights, you know that… » Read more

The 12th Wave of Ascension

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the New Earth, The GFL have told me again; there is nowhere to hide 🙂 The transparency vibration will integrate with our new DNA codes as the 12th wave of ascension begins on the 25th January 2012. What this means is that the mind’s perception of “Now”; which is created… » Read more

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