Our Love ripples through the Ocean of Consciousness which is our world.

Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace

Records of Creation thru Meredith Murphy Message and Vision in communion with Naeshira Transmission 6 June 2011 I am seeing how liberating energy from beyond the veil creates the opportunity for greater communion, communication with star beings of light. This reconnection has been long awaited by many present on the Earth plane who are well… » Read more

Message from Arcturus – Aug 16 2010

Today we would like to explain to you all, who we are and why we are doing these channeled messages. We of the Arcturian Group are one of many assisting earth with the evolving energies now taking place on Gaia. She is a living soul and asks assistance in this shift to a higher dimension…. » Read more

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