Spare no-one in the giving of your Love, your hearts, and your sacred honor. Be at peace.

— WandererOfSkies

AA Uriel – Changing your Life – Back to Basics

For all who are having a difficult time at this juncture. Take notice of your life – what do you like/dislike – If necessary; break it down into more manageable segments. Some suggestions are: self, health and wellness, family, friends, relationship, work/school, outside interests/hobbies, spiritual life, finances, living situation, etc. etc. Bear in mind these… » Read more

Uriel’s Message — Why Are You Being?

Your ‘being’ is the concentration of your energy in a single moment of time and space. Within each moment you express your energy, intention, history, karma, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions. These are the ‘what’ of your being and you are either fully aware and conscious of each moment of expression or disconnected, unconscious and… » Read more

Sense of Belonging- The Kingdom of Light

Arch Angel Uriel (Ariel) thru Hazel Jun 18, 2010 – 12:48:14 PM On your planet at this moment there are many soul groups unknown to and beyond the comprehension of the physical aspect of man. These soul groups incarnate for different reasons, some karmic, others in service. It becomes inevitable during the journey that is… » Read more

Archangel Uriel about Ascension

Angels are found in religions around the world: Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam all have their Angels. Angels are Universal, they are the love and light embodiment of an energetic expression. They have fully integrated the male and the female. They are the Divine Spark within Each One of Us. They are here… » Read more

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