You may only be someone in the world but to someone else you may be the world.

— Anonymous

You’re Now Receiving Powerful Currents of Universal Energy – Angels of Light

Greetings Dear Heart, You, like many others are experiencing nearly electrifying energy waves incorporating into your field. You realize this is important and valuable and yet it can be very challenging to handle emotionally and energetically. The intensity of this energy gives you a feeling of “not knowing what to do,” for even lying down… » Read more

Another Message from the Angels : Encouragement – Tazjima

It is evident from your reaction to our earlier message that there is a distinct need within the ranks of the lightworkers to know that they are loved. Do you not remember, dear ones, that our mission was to be there as support, to hold your hand energetically when doubt dogs at your heels, when… » Read more


A Message from Archangel Michael ~YOU ARE EVER FLOWING ~ via Carolyn Ann O’Riley Welcome! Welcome! Welcome My Beautiful Beings of Light. You are ever flowing and constantly evolving. My Beloveds what you were yesterday does not match what you are today and neither will tomorrow resemble what you sense you are now. My Divine… » Read more

Message from the Pleiadians

We would like to speak with you today about something that we see occurring within many of the LightWorker/Starseed community, something that is distracting and drawing many away from their higher purpose and mission. On so many of your internet sites there appears to be an almost ‘tunnel vision’ focus on what has become known… » Read more

Archangel of the Violet Ray of Transmutation – Blessings from Zadkiel

I AM Zadkiel Archangel of the Violet Ray. I come into your awareness to remind you that we, the members of Celestial Service who are aligned with the frequency of transmutation, are here to assist our human brothers and sister serving on the body of Gaia. All of you have prepared for myriad earthly incarnations… » Read more

Message On Conflict From The Council Of 12

“You must consider how you hold onto situations and how they serve you as an individual, as it takes two people to be involved in a conflict or more. You need to understand what it is that you are achieving from perpetuating the conflict. Ego driven conflicts are normally unresolved; by taking the ego from… » Read more

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