You can only fail if you give up, beloveds.

— Archangel Michael

Androlonos – Upcoming mission…

This is Androlonos. At this point in the new timeline which was established last August and re-established on March 20, 2010, at the Vernal Equinox, we have come to learn of the next key step our group will take for the opening of codes for the Earth and this galaxy which have been sealed for… » Read more

Your Life Is Being Changed, Right Now…

Greetings to all. This is Androlonos. Many of you are feeling intense vibrations within your being. This includes the mind AND body (the physical one). As your consciousness expands from the individual ego, to planetary, to galactic, to cosmic, you are each attuning to higher and higher vibrations that inherently bring forth alignments in all… » Read more

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