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The manuscript of survival – part 194

As of yesterday, the pressure has increased yet again, so do not expect too smooth a sailing in the days ahead. We can hear the groans already, as this time, your physical bodies will have to bear a somewhat heavier burden than before. Do not fret dear ones, this is as always a sign of… » Read more

A Sneak Preview – “God’s Healthcare Plan”

The plan is provided in dedication to all my children. It is completely free of charge because it is given in love, in dedication to my love being the love that gives all life. -God As channeled through Christos FORWARD (By God…in the book/manual coming out soon called “God’s Healthcare Plan”) The plan is being… » Read more

Who Walks Across the Stage?

God said: At the same time as you participate in life, you are also the watcher. Sometimes life seems to be like a train that rushes past you. You just stand there watching what occurs. Then life rushes past you in full view. Whose life is it anyway when you sit on a bench and… » Read more

Divine Alchemy ~ Transforming our Bodies

September 5, 2012 Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we have successfully birthed a Renaissance of Divine Love on this Planet. Now, through the unprecedented Solar frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love which are flowing into the mental and emotional strata of Earth, every person’s I AM Presence is initiating the process of transforming… » Read more

Sananda – Millions of Torches To Light The Way

Channeler: James McConnell Know dear ones as the coming times approach, all will be turned on its head never again to be as it was. Many have been called and now many are responding as never before. Simply look all around you and the evidence is there for the mass awakening to occur. As of… » Read more

Through Every Waking Day ★ You Bring in HOPE

Through Every Waking Day ★ You Bring in HOPE Channeled Message from Archeia Lady Hope Channeled by: Julie Miller September 10, 2012   Beloved Children of God, how pleasing it is to come through and communicate to all of you.   Hope is in each of you dear ones. Each and every day you wake,… » Read more

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