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Note from Langa: Emmanuel contacted me telepathically and asked to meet in the astral plane. We met in our usual meeting point, a simple room with neither doors nor windows, invisible to other astral travelers, hidden by consciousness. Emmanuel arrived in his ‘physical’ form, a form he adopts for easier communication, since I can’t maintain… » Read more


Shifts and Changes as you “activate” your DNA Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn Dearest Lightworkers, this information on the DNA and the new energies was given by Archangel Michael as part of two private channels. It is given here with the permission of the clients. The first person, who is a healer, had asked questions… » Read more

All will in any event gradually become clear over the months…

All will in any event gradually become clear over the months, and if you are discerning you will recognize the truth. We love you dearly as great souls of Light and Love. Events continue to move along at an unprecedented speed, and their momentum is such that no amount of obstruction by the dark Ones… » Read more

You are all on your way home

Everything is falling neatly and precisely into place in these last few moments before full consciousness envelops you. You are to experience joyous wonder way beyond your ability to imagine, as you make your way out of the illusion, of a strength and intensity so powerful, permanently, that you will be aware of nothing else…. » Read more

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