You are and always will be exactly perfect as you were meant.

SaLuSa – 16th August 2010

Remember that your reality is referred to as an illusion, because you created it yourself. As has happened in earlier civilizations, you could have reached a peak of spiritual advancement resulting in a different path for Mankind. Following the collapse of Atlantis, you were left to pick up the pieces which is why in many areas a caveman existence was all you experienced. Naturally highly spiritual communities grew up here and there such as the Essenes, but there was too much opposition for them to continue for very long. The negative energy was powerfully embedded in the Earth, and you have struggled to overcome it. Consequently as shown by your history, life has been a series of experiences brought about by the lack of spiritual direction.

However, what has been happening in more recent times is that a divine plan has been formulated to bring more Light to Earth. It has been a slow process as many factors are involved. You had to be allowed to expand your consciousness, at a rate where it could be gradually assimilated without becoming too overbearing. It has proved to have been a most successful plan, witnessed by the great strides forward that you have made within the last century. As you will understand, you are fulfilling your destiny to ascend as the cycle of duality in your dimension is coming to a close. It could have turned out differently, but for the great input of higher energies that have lifted you up. Also with our authority to protect you and help you onto the path of Ascension, we have supported those of you who by your freewill choice have chosen it as your next evolutionary step forward. If you had instead dropped lower into the darker realms, we could not have intervened without interfering with your freewill.

So you can see that it is you have decided your future, and although Ascension would seem to be such a wonderful opportunity to leave duality, there are still many souls that are unprepared for such a great leap forward. Their lives will continue as before in the 3rd. dimension, and they will not lose any advances in their consciousness levels by doing so. It is always ongoing, and those souls that have lost all sense of their true selves, will eventually find their way back home to the Light. That was a promise made to you when as higher souls you took on the challenge of entering the cycle of duality. Do you not often hear other people say, that there must be something better than what you are experiencing? Although you created it, it was never meant to be a permanent condition and you now approach its final days.

The Galactic Federation has many member civilizations that some of you initially came from, and most likely you will choose to return to them. All along brave souls have incarnated to bring Light into your lives, and at times it has been a dangerous situation to be in. The dark Ones have always sought to prevent you from learning the truth, and put to death many Lighted Ones including Jesus. However, their mere presence always leaves an energy that can continue to influence others. In spite of centuries of persecution, those following a path of Light have managed to leave their messages behind, and it has helped the expansion of your consciousness. As we look down on you we fully understand what you are going through, and know that you have the strength to withstand the last attempts of the dark Ones to take you from your path.

Your task to lift up is in our opinion made more easy by living now to the highest expression of yourself. By so doing you can become centered and focused upon the future, thus preventing any distractions from taking your attention away from your goal. It does not come easy as for so long you have been conditioned to act in certain ways, and accept what you are told. You are also continually bombarded by the media and other sources, to believe you are subservient to the dictates of the dark Ones. We remind you that you are sovereign Beings and have rights that have been denied you, and will be returned to you in the not too distant future. In fact you are entitled to be honored and revered for your faith and love for God. It has held fast regardless of the attempts of the dark Ones to separate you from God. Some souls may not yet have found God within, but all have that godspark that can be re-ignited.

You are in the last throes of domination by the dark Ones, and their power and authority is rapidly diminishing. It cannot hold good as the Light reveals what has been happening, and is transmuting the lower energies. All proceeds well, in spite of the calamities that are affecting a number of countries now. With your heartfelt responses and compassion the effects will slowly be addressed. It comes with realizing the Oneness of all Life, and how dependent you are on each other. As we view what is occurring, we can tell you that there is really nothing to fear. You are destined to overcome all problems quite quickly, and of course we will have a big hand in helping you. Look on the bright side and you will be doing all that can be asked of you.

Some will say it is easy for us and of course it is, but that is because we have long moved beyond the need to experience the lower energies that are held in your dimension. However, that does not affect our love and concern for you all. It is our delight and joy to help where we can, given that we have chosen to adhere to Universal Law. The dark Ones have no such observance of them, but they are nevertheless bound by them and they will be answerable for their actions. They are naïve and believe they get away with their heinous activities, but the records of every ones lives exist in the higher dimensions. This must be so as if not you would be unable to review your lives when you return to them. You will note that we have said that it is “you” who reviews each life, and there is no one else that does so. It is for you to decide how it will affect any subsequent life, although your Guides and Angelic Beings are with you to advise you if you wish. Because you are on the outside looking in, you can be non-judgmental where yourself and others are concerned. Each soul will do the same, and sometimes you decide to come together again with those who have shared your lives before.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with my blessings of love, and wishes for a successful path to Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
© Mike Quinsey

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