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Avatars Of Light: Heal Yourselves Of Fear

Avatars Of Light: Heal Yourselves Of Fear
Message from The Sirian Council Of Light

Dear light beings,
In this moment we ask that you join us in the celebration of spirit! in the celebration of ourselves because spirit we are, Divine spirit. Oh you are all so divine! as we gaze upon you from the Mesosphere and sometimes the Stratosphere of your earth we marvel at the complexity but utter beauty of your race. At the same time we find ourselves awaiting the day when you beautiful avatars of light will see your own celestial brilliance.

From our vantage point you appear as orbs of light with severe amnesia, We await ever so patiently your return to sovereignty but we are here in this NOW to assist you. By saying this we wish to clarify our earlier message which was misunderstood by some. When we spoke of not coming to save your world, we meant that we are not under any circumstances going to be the ones to clean up the mess on earth HOWEVER we WILL Assist you and stand besides you as EQUALS. You are not children dear ones and do not require ‘Saving’ of any kind we can only assist you as we always have.

WE have always been here dear ones, behind the scenes as have many many other civilizations and organizations assisting you earthlings in our own secret ways, disabling missiles, nukes, intercepting chemtrail plains and much more. Many things that seem impossible for you to fix are already being fixed by us. Your focus dear ones is in spreading love and awareness, getting the dancers to dance on the stage called life, re-lighting the spark within humanities hearts.

How can we leave you to fend for yourselves when we have been here all along? do you not see us? did you not see us in 1997? did you not see us in 1952 as we flew past your nations capital? Did you not see is 2000? do you not see our ship(s) in the night sky? Have you not read your history? Dear ones many times by divine intervention your world has escaped cataclysmic events. You are not alone dear ones and have never been, you are our family and this includes all beings on earth both human, starseed, plants and creature. By universal law we must care for one another, for every being on every planet, for every planet in every galaxy and for every galaxy in every universe for this is the law of creation.

Be in joy avatars of light! for your world is a creation of your holographic universe. Be in joy knowing that what you create you will indeed attract and for this reason we say to be in joy! for joy will only bring more joy however live in fear, worry and negativity and this will be the reality you attract to YOUR holographic universe. The mind is very powerful and very fast, your spiritual mind creates at a rate of MORE then 500 times per centisecond+, this dear ones is how fast you create your reality. The physical mind is not as fast, however the spiritual mind operates faster then one can think. Because the spiritual mind is not limited by the laws of physics/3rd dimension.

The spiritual mind operates at a higher frequency beyond your universe and alternate reality yet it is linked to you via source energy, spirit, the oneness of all creation. In order to affect change both within yourself and others you must first consciously make an effort to remove fear, worry and negative focus from your thought process which will only increase fear, worry and negative focus. Most importantly we ask that you join other conscious avatars of light in the creation of a powerful united reality for all life forms. To do this you must acknowledge first that you CAN co-create abundance, peace and prosperity because you are an aspect of the creator, you are a creator yourself and you can attain the power to heal the world by participating in unity consciousness and positive intent.

Be conscious of your thoughts, your actions, your feelings and intent what you put out you will certainly receive so be on the safe side and pour out a bowl of love, release fear by knowing that you are powerful, there is no need to believe yourself to be so powerless that you are vulnerable to attack. You are not powerless or helpless dear ones!. You are powerful vehicles of divine creation and you are bound by universal law or rather by omniversal laws and for this reason no negativity or darkness can touch you unless you give IT permission first by focusing on it thus giving it energy and energy is creation and creation is life. Once you master this you will reward yourself with endless possibilities and you will be a living opportunity of change in your life and the life of everyone around you.

Go dear ones, Be In Joy!
The Sirian Council Of Light


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