The secret of making something work in your lives is first of all, the deep desire to make it work, then the faith and belief that it can work, then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought or doubt, or disbelief.

— Anonymous

Prepare to be entranced

Humanity’s determination to awaken is intensifying as the moment for the move into full consciousness approaches. There are a few, only a very few, who wish to thwart the divine plan, but their efforts are fruitless, and even though they may appear to be causing delays and diversions, remember that within the illusion everything is illusory! Love and forgiveness are the only aspects that are effective within the illusion, and when the illusion dissolves only Love, the divine condition, the life force, the God Force will remain, because it alone is the complete perfection of God within which Reality exists, limitlessly, effortlessly, and eternally.

Waiting, as you all are, for your return to fully conscious existence is hard work, and you are bearing up beautifully under your heavy burden. The vast majority of humans are as yet unaware that they are asleep and will soon awaken. They are totally unaware that they are “waiting” for the moment when a most wondrous divine event will permanently change the way they experience their lives. You, who are aware, are carrying many of them, which is why your burden is so heavy.

The wonder of the divine plan is that so few can carry so many. You are becoming aware at this time because you chose and agreed to do this magnificent work, knowing that your power of intent would be multiplied, intensified, and magnified enormously as it melds with God’s Will to bring this glorious event into being. Those multitudes who presently remain completely unaware of of God’s divine plan for humanity are, nevertheless, doing precisely what they chose to do, and it is God’s Will and theirs that they do so. Consequently, the moment of awakening will be stupendous and electrifying for all.

As I have told you before, you can have absolutely no idea of the wonders that you will experience, eternally, when all comes to fruition in the divine and glorious now moment that is Eternity, Reality, All That Exists. Untold joy has been prepared for you and patiently awaits your ecstatic awakening.

Fear, anger, suffering, betrayal, privation, and war are completely illusory concepts that have never existed, and never could exist, yet within the illusion they appear intensely real and painful. So you need to awaken and leave these extremely unhappy experiences to dissolve and disintegrate back into the nothingness from which you seem to have constructed them. They are meaningless and useless distractions from your true existence within and at One with your infinitely loving Father. You do not need them, God most certainly does not want you to suffer, and that Truth is beginning to seep into the slight awareness that you are able to access during your slumberous nightmare, and nudging you towards wakefulness.

It is your divine destiny to awaken into the perfect glory of Reality, your eternal state of existence, fully conscious and joyously alive in your heavenly Home. That divine moment of awakening is rapidly approaching, so prepare to be entranced.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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