The Great Central Sun Is One with every Individual’s I AM Presence.

— Ascension Research Center

SaLuSa – 11th August 2010

More of you are opening up your psychic centers, and you are beginning to sense or experience futuristic events. This is quite normal as you rise up in consciousness, and you may glimpse well into the future beyond the immediate period leading to Ascension. This happens for the same reason that time travel is possible, because everything exists in the Now. Whilst it serves as confirmation of what you have been given, it can also be confusing as you cannot necessarily put it into a time frame. As time passes these experiences will increase in frequency, along with the development of extra sensory perception and telepathic abilities. It is all part of your return to a higher dimensional Being, and for this reason you will handle these developments without any difficulty.

Have you not been told on numerous occasions, that you are a far greater Being than you believe? You have been unaware of it simply because eons of time ago you have dropped into the lower dimensions, where your full powers have been unable to manifest. Also, there was a time when your DNA was interfered with, so that you were reduced to virtually a sub-human Being. You have climbed your way back to present levels, and will soon take a quantum leap forward allowing you to re-claim lost abilities. It will be crowned by your total transformation into Galactic Beings, and it is not that far away. Subconsciously you know this to be true, and it will not seem strange at all to eventually become a Being with superconsciousness.

It is the uniqueness of Ascension that is providing you with the opportunity to rise up so rapidly. It will be some time before another occasion of such importance to you comes up. Hence there are Lightworkers both on and off Earth who are here to enable every soul the chance to ascend. Knowledge will open doors for you, but progress is linked to the development of your consciousness. It is through an appreciation that you are all One, and being able to treat every other soul as you would be treated yourself. You do not need to belong to any group as such, although humans do like to gather together where they have an affinity with each other. All that you need to do comes from within, and is often quite simple and need not be complicated. Love everyone as yourself, and if you can meet that challenge you will have planted your feet firmly on the path to Ascension. It will be a one that means you will have to change your ways from years of being part of the old mindset. It is breaking out of the mould that your parents and peers have placed you in, and becoming the new you.

Your tasks are made easier by the continual help you get, which is largely unseen. The Lightworkers carry out their important work on Earth, and it helps open your awareness to other possibilities. Once you announce your intent to take the path to Ascension, you will find that your experiences will direct you to people and information that will lead you in the right direction. We would add that if you attracted to messages such as ours, then you are undoubtedly already on the path to freedom and greater awareness. Furthermore you are assured of reaching your goal to ascend, and will have already lifted your level of consciousness.

In the long term life is about raising your consciousness levels, and each life you have is planned with that in mind. Knowing this may enable you to find the answers to many challenges you have had to face up to and wondered why. Most will relate to your earlier lives, where opportunities may have been missed and return to give you another chance to succeed. When you look back at your experiences in this lifetime you may see that what was considered unwelcome, as an event that caused you to change something in your life. That may have proved to be a turning point for your wellbeing, and it is often how you are moved onto your correct path. We say that in the context of someone who has strayed off the path they chose before incarnating. There is so much more attention paid to each individuals life plan than perhaps you realize, and those charged with keeping you to it accompany you through your life. We are referring to your Guides, and any higher Being whose presence you might have invoked.

There will always be people who will deny there are Spirit Beings with them, but they will be there regardless of what they believe. What they will not do is interfere with your freewill, and will not impose their will upon you. If for example you have planned to see out your life to old age, they will prevent you where possible from accidentally shortening your life. For example, instead of dying in an accident your life will be saved, and sometimes the circumstances of your survival are looked upon as miraculous. Your Angelic Keepers can do what you would see as near impossible, and many lives have been saved by them. They are not bound by linear time, and can go backwards or forwards in it to alter your experience.

Your lives are far from what you may call ordinary or simple, because it does not matter whether it is meant to be action packed or not, you all have key moments that are very important to you. We know you can recount many “coincidences” that have brought two people together, who were meant to meet because it was part of their life plan. Now the attention given you is more constant, as anyone who is awakening needs every help to keep rising up. Have faith whatever your circumstances, and know that nothing you are experiencing now will last too long. A wonderful future awaits you, and we of the Galactic Federation are just part of a great assembly of Beings here to ensure your success. Once we can get started in an open manner, you will soon see that pressing matters will be sorted quite quickly. There is so much to do to put right the wrongs that have taken place over a very long period.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it warms our hearts to see the continuing response to the Light spreading around the Earth. Consciousness levels are continually rising and nothing will stop them reaching even higher levels. This is wonderful in view of the pressures you are experiencing all around you. Yet you are sticking to your task, to keep your focus on the positive changes that are to come out of the present chaos. Time speeds on as ever, and our presence becomes more apparent as we back you up in your work for the Light. Call upon us if you are in need of help.

Thank you SaLuSa.

© Mike Quinsey

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