That which we do for another, we do also for ourselves.

— Joe Keana

Your eternal happiness is assured.

We in the spiritual realms are watching with joy and fascination as more and more of our human sisters and brothers start becoming aware that they are first and foremost spiritual beings, beings of Light. The other aspects of themselves support that truth and are assisting them in bringing it to the forefront of their lives, allowing it to grow and flourish. This is an essential part of your awakening process, and it is developing just as it should.

Consequently, awareness of the need for you to cooperate harmoniously together for the good of all is intensifying across the planet. This awareness is leading to the commencement of some startling activities of great value and importance for all of you on Earth. There is a very limited time remaining for you to experience the illusory nightmare of a reality in which it seems you have spent eons of time, and then you will awaken, as divinely planned, into the Paradise that your father has so lovingly prepared for you.

Many mystics, philosophers, psychologists, and physicists are coming together to discuss and investigate the spiritual or divine aspects of human existence, and much valuable knowledge is being discovered, learned, and integrated by these loving people, then it is written down and published for the benefit of all. Those who read these new publications are then sharing them with many others in discussion groups worldwide. Truly a most wonderful awakening is happening planetwide even as you continue to hear of fighting, wars, and natural disasters.

The time for human suffering is drawing to a close. It was never necessary and has truly never occurred, but for you who have built and maintained the illusion it does seem intensely real. Your unhappy and calamitous illusory existence within your unreality is to end because you will awaken and find yourselves happily at Home in the glory and brilliance of the divine eternal day.

When you awaken it will be utterly familiar — it is the place where you exist eternally in perfect joy — and you will have no memories of your illusory life experiences over the eons of Earthtime, because they never happened. God is eternal ecstatic joy, and there is nothing else but this. Your eternal happiness is assured.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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