Out there in the snow, Or here in the sun: In Form or In Spirit, We Are All One!
Infinite vibrant waves of peace and love to my equally, if not, more special angel of the east! ♥ Always

— Marcelle

Opportunity to Increase Light: Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers

“Now and then humanity is given a chance to increase the power of light on earth. Today, amid the destruction on your planet, there is a shining opportunity.”

“Great spiritual light is stored within the land of Ireland,” the Grandmothers announced,” and Mother Earth needs it now. This dormant light, after it is awakened and connected to the Net of Light, will help lift your planet.” They turned then and pointed to hundreds of glimmering lights that seemed to be coming from within the Emerald Isle. “These flickering lights are waiting for you,” they said. “They must be gathered into the Net of Light. Gathered in and held. At present they are not plugged into their network so they appear to be small and weak. Although their potential is enormous, at this point it is still only potential.

“This is why we asked you to gather in Ireland this September–to call these scattered light points home to the Net. This event is a true Call to Power and we have carefully chosen the time and place for it. The starting date for this happening, September 11, is no accident and its location in the city of Cork is no accident. The Net of Light has come forward at this moment in history to hold the earth and the light within the land of Eire will feed the Net of Light. This is important work. Those who come to Cork for this purpose will provide the circuitry for this until now fragmented light. Their service will be of more value than they can imagine. And because this work is so greatly needed, by participating in this event, people will also amplify their own capacity for light. As you work together, each of you will become a nexus of radiance.

“People refer to these lighted places on earth as ‘sacred sites,” they said, “and you think of them as separate sources of light. But they need no longer be separate,” the Grandmothers emphasized. “It is time to connect them to the Net of Light. Once they are linked, they will charge the Net to great capacity.

Only human beings can make a lighted connection like this,” they explained. “Only humans can perform this service for the planet. This is why we are calling you to Ireland. Many people have heard of and some honor the spirit in the land of Ireland. There is a source of power there and we will lead you in working with it. We will call forth these ancient reservoirs of light. It’s time to call them forth. To activate the light imbedded in the land of Ireland, one needs a pure focus point-one untainted by institutional drag, thought forms, and the human ego. The Net of Light is pure and has in no way been diminished by human use. It is perfect for this task.

We ask you to call on us for guidance now and if we nudge you in the direction of Ireland, step forward and become part of this timely event. Join us in Cork if you are able, and if you are not able to come physically, come spiritually.”

Note from Sharon: I realize this is a specific request, but sent this message to everyone because of its importance. Please forward it on. We have a few scholarships available to help people come to the Call, and those who cannot make the trip to Cork can still link with us as we do the work. This is an opportunity to do something other than the rescue work with the Net of Light that we have been doing lately. This time the Grandmothers have provided us a chance to be pro-active–to move the light forward. image, ‘Mother of the World’

© Sharon McErlane

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