Your power is proportional to your ability to relax.

— David Allen

SaLuSa – 6th August 2010

We encourage you, as always to participate in bringing the changes about that are so near to commencing. Through the Law of Attraction whatever you are focussing upon you will bring nearer to manifestation. You have already successfully moved beyond past times that were heading for a different result to Ascension, and now it only remains to, as you would say, to get the ball rolling. Your mere presence is helping uplift others, and by your example you are doing far more to help them than you realise. You are helping create the ideal conditions for the end times, that in reality have been slowly coalescing for some 40 years. Since the turn of this century you have taken a great leap forward, that has ensured that the end times bring you victory over the dark Ones.

Matters are certainly coming to a head, and our allies are very near to achieving a major success. The dark ones continue with their attempts to foil progress, but it is now impossible for them to stop the Divine Plan. They are somewhat of a nuisance, but before long their power will be completely taken from them. Your consciousness levels are perpetually rising and with it comes the realisation, that you have been deliberately held back from understanding that it is your destiny to ascend. You have always had every right to decide your own future, and you each have the power to walk the path of your choosing. Each life you have had has been deliberately planned to awaken you to your true self, and allow progress by overcoming the lower energies. For so long you have been led to believe that you are some inferior Being without rights, and made beholden to the draconian laws intended to keep you in the dark. Now more of you are awakening, and the picture has changed so much that it is you who are dictating the course of Mankind.

The finishing line has been in sight for some time now and as the changes in your solar system begin to bite, those of you who have a higher state of awareness are feeling the powerful energies around you. They are bringing peace in times that outwardly continue to be chaotic, but providing your focus is on Ascension they will not unduly affect your well-being. Naturally Earth changes will impinge themselves upon you depending on where you live. Be assured however, we are fully aware of the likely results and are always present to lessen damage to life and limb. However, Mother Earth like you has a cleansing to carry out, and it is inevitable that some of you will get caught up in it. You will be found where it is intended that you be for the end-times, and you will have known this before you incarnated. Experience is what you are on Earth for, and it has been your choice as to how much you have taken on. Many have seized this last opportunity, to clear much of the baggage that has been with them for a long time. It is why this particular period has been full of incidents, and testing that has given you hard times. Remember however that it has all been a part of your evolutionary path, as you have returned to the Light.

Everyone has been given the same opportunity to lift their vibrations, and much of this is decided by your choice of life style. Some will not give up the lower vibrations, and are clearly unready for the changes required to overcome them. There is no judgment about such choices, as it is your life and you are entitled to experience it as you desire. With it as always comes responsibility for your actions, and anything that harms another will later be a lesson to be learnt. In these times it can rebound on you quite quickly, and that is to your advantage if you are intent on returning to the Light and ascending. Love is the key to all situations as you will eventually find out.

We notice there are more situations arising that are bringing about confrontations, both at a personal level and on a nation wide basis. This is a symptom of the times you are in, where energies that need clearing are surfacing so that they can be transmuted. It poses a question of how best to deal with it, and your power to do so lies with your ability to use your Light and you will then be successful. Nothing can withstand the powerful love energy, and as you have limitations whilst in a physical body it is an exercise in control and focus. Do you not hear of instant healing, and wonder how that can be when sometimes a malignant growth can be totalled changed by such energy. When we tell you that you are more powerful than you realise, it is a truth that you will soon understand. When you ascend it will increase tenfold, and you will rise up to such levels that people would think you a god.

It is what happened in your ancient times when the Annunaki allowed the people to hold them in awe, because of their seeming ability to perform miracles. As you will realise not every advanced Being is necessarily spiritually advanced. It is possible for you to learn how to make an assessment of people through intuitive thinking, and feeling the energy they emit. However, some people can be very charming and deceitful at the same time. Life is one challenge after another, and this is why physical incarnations can speed up your evolution. To live on the Earth is in fact an attraction for that reason, and why you have returned time and time again. Now you have come to the end of your journey, and are set upon making good any karma you may have outstanding. To put it simply, it is rectifying your mistakes and learning the lessons that you choose to experience.

Think upon it Dear Ones, if you are to become Galactic Beings and serve others making their way along their spiritual path, you will have first had to prove yourself in the darkness of Earth and its lower energies. To rise up from it whilst you continually face adversity and so many distractions is an amazing accomplishment. Now we see the Light growing exponentially, and it is telling us that so many of you are now ready to ascend, and so shall the numbers rapidly increase as you enter the final period. There are so many higher souls excitedly waiting for the opportunity to accompany you through it. They bide their time, and wait for the chance to come into your dimension and meet you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see the tide turning, as it washes away the darkness that has blighted your lives, and the Light is returning in full force. Express yourself as the loving joyful Being that you really are, and share your wisdom and help others to find the peace that you have found.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

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