In order not to be influenced by the illusion of chaos outside yourself, you must become the truth within yourself.

Wonders are to fill your lives

People are waking up all across the planet. They have not yet opened their eyes, but are aware that a new day has dawned and have still to recognize how glorious it is.

Truly, wonders of a most fantastic and beautiful nature are to fill your lives as you once again become fully-conscious beings, just as God created you. Your time for slumbering unconsciously, and apparently existing in a dream state punctuated with and invaded by horrific nightmares of suffering and abuse, is due to end. It was a state you chose to experience and maintain for eons of Earth time, and by so doing you learnt many lessons about that unreal and impossible state of being: separation from your Father.

His infinite, loving Presence surrounds and envelops you in every moment of your eternal lives because all existence resides within Him. Your choice to attempt to separate yourselves from Him has brought you intense pain and suffering as you closed off your awareness of Him and built an imaginary and extremely limited environment in which you could experiment with the ideas of separation, abandonment, and worthlessness.

It is impossible that such a state could ever be created, even for an instant, because it is in complete opposition to the divine state of infinite Love and perfection which is all that exists, and is all that could ever exist. You have let your imaginations run riot in order to try and experience an existence that is separate from Reality, and you have failed. Nevertheless, it does seem to you that intense pain and suffering have enveloped you, showing you that the power of your imagination is quite awesome. However, it is as nothing compared to the creative power with which your Father has endowed you, and with which you will continue to co-create with Him in untold joy as you become once more fully awake, fully conscious, and fully alive in the divine Reality, at One with Him.

Focus your intent on awakening fully from your long sleep, and intend that humanity, in all its (presently hidden) glory, awakens with you. You are all one and you will awaken together. Your intention to do so is far stronger than the intention you have been using to support and maintain the illusion, and it is further massively strengthened and assisted by the divine energy that you have asked for and which is flowing into you, and through you to others, constantly.

To awaken is your only option, and now that you are intending it with an intensity of such great power, it is going to happen. God’s Will and yours are moving towards perfect alignment and harmonious cooperation to bring this magnificent moment to fruition. The joy in Heaven as you all awaken will be stunning in its exhilaration.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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